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The Team

We invest in people over ideas. We’re looking for hardworking individuals with a track record of execution, domain experience and an aversion to mediocrity. More specifically, Annie Capital invests in companies that have at least one female founder.  

The Dakotas

Based in western North Dakota, we prioritize founders in North and South Dakota as we believe proximity will allow a more dynamic working relationship.

High Growth Potential

We’re sector agnostic, but seek businesses that have a scalable business model and don’t require significant capital expenditures or a large workforce before generating revenue.  

Early Stage

We prefer to invest in early stage for-profit companies. We trust that partnering early, within the first three years of a company’s life cycle, allows us to collaborate with you as you make critical decisions that will impact your progress. That said, if you’re an established business that’s exploring opportunities to accelerate your growth, contact us to discuss a prospective relationship.

Barriers to Entry

In today’s marketplace, competition can come from anywhere and anyone. Annie Capital selects companies that have a distinct advantage with a model that’s not easy to replicate.