We’re used to hearing that it won’t work. We’re used to being told that it didn’t work before. We’re used to going forward despite all of the reasons we shouldn’t.

We’ve started companies across multiple industries and locations and no matter when, where or what it is, we’re successful because we have grit.

We are hustlers. We’re seekers of impact. We lean into risk. We’re drawn to people with big ideas. We love the underdog. We don’t care what everyone else thinks. We look for people with guts that are willing to go to work for their idea. We don’t have time for excuses or mediocrity. We like people who know what they want and speak their truths.

We’re searching for founders that can dig deep when times are tough...who realize that it’s okay to not always have the answer, but that it’s not okay to give up in finding it…who view late nights and early mornings as simple sacrifices to make when you’re building your passion.

At Annie Capital, we invest in early stages, sometimes betting on just an idea. We recognize decisions made in that vulnerable space have a profound impact on the trajectory of profitability. We’re backing women-owned businesses in the Dakotas because there’s a gap in funding and we appreciate that ideas can come from anyone. We seek to partner with transparency; we have an open dialogue so we can help solve the legitimate problems facing you as a founder.