Chantel Murphy, Founding Partner

Chantel’s a lover of numbers. An accountant by education and a CFO by experience, she likes to dig in to understand the story that financial statements are or aren't telling. Her optimism is matched by her pragmatism; she is the first to think about alternative paths to success and never backs away from the tough questions.

Kodee FURST, coFounder & Managing Partner

Kodee's a strategist that can turn a vision into reality. She's spent her career supporting women and her approach to coaching challenges Annie Capital's partners to continue to grow to their best selves. Her focus and resilience builds clarity to move from an idea to results. 

Seth Murphy, Founding Partner

Seth’s a maverick.  He's a builder and a visionary and gets stronger when times are the toughest. He thrives in assessing risk and is the voice at the table that pushes those around him to think creatively. He’s proven how to scale in a high-velocity market and can cut through the noise to find the root of any problem.