Why Here

One of our key investment preferences is for companies to be headquartered in the northern plains. Why? We believe the opportunities in this part of the world are endless.

The DNA of our region is made up of entrepreneurs and innovators from the field to the office; we are a culture that simply knows how to figure things out. If you talk to a rancher or a farmer, they won’t identify as a startup founder, but they’re the CFO, the mechanic, the labor and the strategist. Our roots are built on generations of people who aren’t afraid of hard work, who finish the job until it’s done right and who have never known a year without some sort of adversity. Those same characteristics are what we look for in founders. We want to work with people who know how important it is to wear multiple hats in the beginning of business, who are willing to go to work for their idea and who can roll with the expected punches with a healthy dose of humility and humor.            

The pro-business climate builds the economic case, but arguably more important than that is the spirit of cooperation. Resource partners, peers and people who have figured it out are willing to open networks, lend advice or share resources. There’s a commitment to building the entrepreneurial ecosystem and continuing to find ways to put entrepreneurs front and center, an acknowledgement that entrepreneurs are a vulnerable population and a collective dialogue supporting them.

Businesses can be started anywhere at any time and we can’t think of a better time than now and here.